0 win 1 loss in Eternal league 2v2

Is this for real??? 0 win 1 loss yet he’s in Eternal League already…

lol thats my account @Polaris i dont know im at top 1 eternal but now maybe around in top 1-10 cuz i stop earning points already got focuz on pve side.

i accidentally enter 2v2 b4 and quit halfway didnt even finish my game . i dont play 2v2 pvp i dont know why its put eternal league der.(maybr a bug or something?) @Clogon @Griffin012 could u guys check this? honestly i even dont know my self that my 2v2 league is in eternal lol. laughing so hard i didnt even finish my first game in 2v2 and never play 2v2 again

il takke top spot again in 1v1 after im done lvling my chars haha (would take long though since my newbie still low lvl)
happy pvping.

if ur stil doubting u can ask some mods to check weather my gears/wins/rank is legit.

edit: lel back at top1

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Ok @roykiyoy. Thanks for the clarification.

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If your Away team is strong, then you will be ranked high. It doesn’t matter if you are active or not. Did you think we would make new players face Eternal level players just because they are inactive?