Here it is guys…

I hope it does not that hard to loot crystals and myth stones…[emoji6]

[quote=“aSar”]Here it is guys…
I hope it does not that hard to loot crystals and myth stones…[emoji6][/quote]

We hope so too :smile:

I know some players will initially hate the new system because Old Enchanting was immediately available, and when you start 1.6.0, you have no Crystals! We tuned the rate Crystals drop up while testing, and this can be increased even more with Item Quantity affixes, so we hope this should be plenty.

We’re definitely open to feedback, so after you guys play it for a bit, let us know what you think!

Thank you Steiger…got 2 Myth stones…

I think I need to read the thread on myth stones again…hehehe…

All buy from vendor

I love this game but this update :frowning:

I’m a summon/meteor mage and my A.O.E has changed massively…

I think there might have been a bug fix for an affix or talent adding way more AoE Range than was meant to, but otherwise the damage should be the same. What massive changes are you seeing?

Well my main idea for meteor was the freeze and slow to give my minions an advantage. I had 301+ yards and it hit about my whole screen. The 3 equipment pieces I use were nerfed. They were around 8.0-9.5 AOE plus magnify at lvl 22 for 120% more area now it’s showing zero…

They were changed to .2 and .6 AOE



Sorry I’m not shure how this app works yet. But as you can see I still have quite bit of AOE and still 0

Yeah then that was definitely a bug fix, 300+ yards would hit the whole dungeon :smile:

The stat is meant to add yards instead of add percentage. Right now your Meteor would hit and explode for 10 yards, so if you managed to collect 4 max affixes ( 1.25 yards ) on AoE range increase it would add 5 yards to that, making it essentially 50% increase in AoE Range.

If you think there’s a bug somewhere in what you see on calculation, i can look your character to check.

Looks like a bug then ( no nerfs )! Will add that to the list for bug fixes.

I had no idea that was a bug haha. I’ve just been so addicted to this game and I was upset to see the play style I was using get changed dramaticly. Now that I see the math i understand. I’ll have to rework my strategy. Now the +4 to skulls is gone… will it change my reclaim drop rate for skulls? I use Astral summon.

Now with this set up it seems my minions are way weaker compared to the lower Stat build. It that just the way Astral summons work or have I hit a cap with my minions? I also can’t seem to make Prismatic work on my Arcane minions, done prismatic need a magic base to cast a new one? I thought arcane minions with high prismatic would make a bunch of types of summons… sorry I’m talking so much but I’m seriously into this game :smile: