1.8.1 farming advice needed

Hey guys, I’m currently playing on 1.8.1 and can’t update for 2 more weeks (device cant connect to internet until then). I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do while playing on this older version that will help me out when I update.

So far all I know of is the Blood Magic set, I’ve already held on to each of those pieces for each class.

Currently playing on level ~370 as a Warrior (no additional character slots)

My bags and stash are already overflowing so I’m really just trying to hold on to the important things, 2 weeks is a lot of farming and I want to have the most to help me in the newest patch when I get the update.

Thank you!

keep all those unused eternals and crystals item, since in 2.0 you can convert them to ultra rare crystal

Try start to making a Gold Finder(farmer) set? and Eternal set too when bossing