1.8.1 or 1.9

there are some questions i guess a lot of players would like to ask. would be nice to see some admins talking here.
any information on those update dates? I know it is hard to set up a certain date for a planned release and finish all the work before the time runs out. thats why some grand studios do the job first and then announce it. over here players dont know much about devs and staff… would be nice to see your thoughts about time of release,
Also many of us would like to know the ideas, upcoming features, things that will be new to the next update?
things you are considerng as a great perspective would be also nice to read. communication between devs and players is something that we all need. dont you think so?

The main reason why they (the dev) don’t give you an ETA is because even they themselves are not sure when will everything good enough to release. Giving ETA is easy, but it’ll definitely upset people if they don’t make it in time.

Edit: About upcoming features and stuff, as usual, Steiger will post it on the forum when the time comes :smile:
In the meantime, watch this instead!

well obv. mythics will get their new lives… but… what does it mean to players? save ms? save socketable items? change of the process? what about talents on mythics?
2.55B crit? isnt it too much?

I guess I’ll spoil a bit.

  • Some legends now have unique affix on them which can’t be obtained through CS. This will make legend/eternal hunting more fun.
  • Mythics don’t replace talent/special skill anymore.
  • About 2.55B DMG, I used a lot of unique affix mentioned above and combine with some mythics.

P/s: This is just a beta build, things may change.

need more info ))

Don’t get greedy, my friend [emoji38]

Ok ill keep my amethyst and ruby. Waiting for the updates

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i am also starting to stack the stuff