1 HP bug

I had 10 mins ago an opponement who had 1 hp . He used a barrage build with manashield .:face_with_head_bandage:
The thing was I couldn’t kill him although he has only 1 hp. At the first hit I took his manashield away which he always cast at first and it reflectet dmg, so my sanctuary triggered. I was really angry when i fight against him,because it’s impossible to kill him… I acctually don’t know if that is a bug, a hack or maybe something in the game … I don’t know it because i’m pretty new . I would be happy for every feedback i become , maybe from the developers ?! :scream:
I’ve made a picture from all his items if nessasary
Here are some pictures :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen anything like that before. I have tried to discover any mathematical infinite Regen loop in the game but have failed in my attempts. If I had discovered one I would have requested a Nerf immediately. You spent 30 minutes on game time with that player. We will get that player checked out.


You can have 1 HP in PvP. You can have 5x Glass Cannon + 4 Empower (100% power and 1 HP).

We will get that craft checked out you posted.


Wew that round makes some Poweerrr…
Very High…

UNLIMITED POWER. Many draws wow.

Holy wow i never saw anything like this either.

That’s strange

Just thinking. . Masochism?

Why do you think that ? I think masochism doesn’t affect something in this case