1 slot character bug

I REALLY ADMIRE THIS GAME, and maybe not the last to suggest for another slot for characters without paying. I mean im a poor kid. I want to play this Awesome good game and i cant even afford another character slot. Or some vanities available in the shop. Maybe add another slot for characters? And hopefully add quests in the game? So that this game would be more satisfying and also for it to fit the game’s title “Dungeon quest”. And and about the quest that appears when i started the game which is about killing legend enemies collecting gold blah blah. Guess what? I completed those shits for about 2months ago and still i cant claim those boosts reward, after i click “Claim” the quests disapear like youll open it when you restarted the game. Soo thats my suggestion for the next patch. And maybe do it as a Christmas joy to us.

Quest are on Codex check the Feats

Oh i see thats the quests… Kinda few. Or should they change the feats to quests? LOL

still a quest tho. Haha

Fine haha, do you pay in the game??

Yeah I bought the Angel/Demon Pack for 2 extra Char Slot

Pinoy ka pala eh… pano yung payment? Noob kasi ako sa mga ganyan. Diba pipili kung credit/debit. Or globe telecom acc? Which is easier?

Regular Load Ice nayun!

globe payment lang sapat na

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Nag pa load ako 50. Payment unsucessful tae yan… Globe telecombilling diba? Anep na dungeon quest to.

make it 60php because there’s tax

Sapat pano pipili kasi kung lang pinoy telecom ganyan.

( Just having fun :slight_smile: )

I don’t understand any of this

Yeah just did it… Tnx tnx tnx: )))

congrats :laughing: