hi everyone i would like to share my knowledge to anyone who is newbie here.

ok i’m gonna tell you how to farm 1 to 2 million gold each map you don’t need a crazy expensive items to do it. all you need is 1 hireling with capped gold 650% drop.
also you need your main to have a 650% gold cap

so now go buy yourself a map in floor 101 or floor 200 or anymap as long as it’s in mythic act and mythic 3 difficulty, be sure that it’s a rare or epic map.

because when you buy it… it’s random from normal to epic. im not sure if its until legend because i havent bought the legend ones yet maybe im just unlucky.
soooo… i prefer the rare and epic map because it has more affixes meaning. the more affix on a the more its easier to get the pack size affix.

now prepare your diamonds and crystals and rare or epic maps.

use the crystal"larimar" on map be sure that you get the “pack size affix”
packsize - it increases the enemy numbers on your map. and be sure that the packsize is more than 100% if not just reroll it with your diamonds…

ok there you have it have fun guys…
i’m a newbie myself i’m just sharing my knowledge during my 2 weeks play time.

anyway guys please drop by some comment about where i can pick up the nadroji’s because im really having a hard time getting one …

sorry for my complicated explanation and wrong grammars please bare with it

thanks again enjoy !

You know that no matter how many affixes you have, or how hard you set the difficulty yoyu will not exceed 650% gold/luck (unless you have a perk for 200% past cap), you forgot item drops, you gain more gold at floor 200 but not increasing past that… :worried:

To find nadroji, play any difficulty at any floor past 100 for a chamce to find the ring/amulet and any floor past 200 on epic difficulty for the chest and head (MH and OH nadroji dont exist)

Much apreciate the information (maybe not use caps next time) but good to see that people want to share their findings too, you will find lots of information on this forums and theres quite a lot to learn on the wiki too :innocent:

i didn’t say exceed 650%

each of my character has already 650% gold. i know that the cap is 650% thats why i said 650% CAP…

Its just you mentiond also playing on mythic difficulty which wastes some precious affixes

Good tip, pained brain.

haha im so sorry for my very complicated instructions but as long as you understand a little of it, then its good :innocent:

No need to capitalize all letters. Makes you not want to read it

And I can get a million with just my main toon maxed

Fixed the post so it’s not all caps.