15k Diamond (Crystal)

Does anyone have this figure? or 150+ Obsidian?

im poor, but its a start. one of the ole timers might post a real stash.


Richie rich isthat you?!

Wew! im tired now

Now a days this figure 15k Diamond & 150+ obsidian the devs call it a cheat. I dont know why? You can easily have15k Diamond by salvaging Quartz and Angelite which Quartz and Angelite are very rarely use…

I get 15k diamond once. I could’ve easily got 150 obsidian also but I spent my crystals constantly so I never saw that figure. Totally easy and legit for the hardcore farmer and someone who enjoys it.

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I know right, for those like me that sucks at pvp ends up being a farmer 110+ obsi and 150 + ruby will be easy to reach if.you are afraid to.spend.it.on builds for.pvp hahaha

imo, pvp can be done with or without crazy amounts of crystals. and on that note … so can pve.

1 week zero to hero stream

whos afraid to spend crystals… no one ive ever heard of…

i personally have spent more obsidian ruby amythest then the avg player will ever find.



whos afraid to spend crystals… no one ive ever heard of…

when I first started playing DQ, I didn’t have a lot of crystals or myth stones, but I needed them, but I was afraid to use them. I ended up with a lot of the low end CS/MS, but since there is a lot of randomness with them, I didn’t want to use them, not get what I needed, and then run out and have an affix that is useless, or that I didn’t understand.

now, I have more confidence, and I spend them until I get what I want, even if it means I run out. I can always farm for more.




Dats the spirit boizzzz

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Rubies are my new gems of choice for my deadly sins build

i think ruby is prolly the most used of the top tier crystals, by far.

generally, short of terrible rng, amythest and obsidians give what you seek much sooner then often returned by ruby.



Ruby has at least 2x the affixes of Amethyst and Obsidian combined, in it’s pool of affixes to choose from, so is harder to get what you want. on the other hand, you can only put 1 Amethyst and Obsidian on each non pet item, but you could put 6 Ruby’s on each non pet item, if you wanted to. the Legend Affix Build. :eyes:

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Right now i have 130+ obsidian and hahahaha 3k diamond but i got 10k+ Quartz & Angelite which i can salvage. Remember when your crafting if your very very UNLUCKY your 50+ obsidian will be less 10 obsidian or more. How i wonder how players here in forum posting/bragging all the time that they can build so easily with little resources. Download!!! Well its legal and its a game feature…

I also read a player bragging that he got 5 Obsidian in one Cryatal Explosion ( Find Crystal). Hahahah. He is just fooling himself!!!

@DeadlyMass there is a 3 hour down load limit. so if some one is ok with waiting 3 hours to reuse an Obsidian…well, I would rather be playing DQ than waiting 3 hours for DQ to load again, and again, and again, and again. it would be better to have a good farm build and then convert Eternal items to Crystals, as that would be a faster way to get Obsidians than waiting 3 hours to reload. also, some of those posts are old, from before Patch 3.0.

I felt the same way but through eventually testing, I was no more afraid to spend the crystals and put in the effort to actually farm the crystals.