1v1 Ranking

Is it possible in BA 1v1 that some people are higher rank than me even I have most winnings than them? e.g Me 276 wins and 74 lose and I got 2306 Rank Points … and 1 of my enemy is 205 wins and 50 lose and he got 2346 Rank Points? Is that OK? Im doing my math but still i cant get a good answer please help me :slight_smile: Thank you very much. @tdaniel

Yes that is possible.

While @SteigerBox can give a more elegant answer here goes. Your win streak (the amount of games you win in a row) can effect your overall rank as well as how many points you have Large win streaks will help you level up faster as you get more points for wining as your streak goes unbroken. Full disclosure here I don’t do any gameplay programming that is all steiger’s domain so I may be 100% wrong :blush:

Also, you can mitigate some point losses in battle arena by utilizing the boosts that appear before some Battle Arena matches.

Hope that helps and thanks for playing!

Thanks for the fast response.:slight_smile:

Correction! Win streak no longer effects LP! (I was wrong as foretold :wink: )