2.0 summon questions

  1. What stats do summons benefit from? (I. E. Armor, resist, HP, dodge, etc)
    1.a. what percentage of the stats do they get?
  2. Do they use crit chance, crit damage, and elemental critical?
  3. Do their attacks spawn procs?
  4. What caps are on the summon HP, summon haste, and summon speed?
    I know all of the developers are working hard. Keep up the good work!

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1.- as I understand, all the basic stats. (Armor, damage, hp, regen… Things like mp absorb, no)
1a.-as I understand, 100%.
4.-Dunno, but is far better to buff yourself. Only after maxing your stats you should take the summon affixes.

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McEna is correct on all of them except:

1a) Summon (the OH primary skill) and Fury inherits 100% HP. Command and Skulldraga gets 150% HP. They all get 25% HP regen. DMG is dependent on skill mod. Fury gets 100% MH, Command gets 100% OH, Summon gets 175% OH and Skulldraga gets 500% OH.

  1. there are no caps.