2.1 Avalanche Build gameplay

I discovered a new build after somewhat kinda disappointed of my Sonic Boom Build. I dont like dying in-game so I experimented, and the result is my Avalanche Build. Floor 710 so far so good in avoiding dying. Lets see how far it can go without or maybe dying less. It’s still lacking some important affixes. Im excited to finish this build 100%.


Sir can you post your update of this build ?

Your health bar doesn’t even move.

Yes im lovin it!

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You should consider Throw Sword over Meteor. My preference. Nice build. :smile:
I love bombs so much.

I cant because im using a legendary bomb with aftermath set affix. :frowning:

Nice build can I see it?

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I’ll post it after it’s finish.

What does the skill avalanche do? Is it the smoke or is that just a smoke bomb proc?

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Aftermath without Shatter? :confused:

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If he has meteor proc it would still work.

Still not as effective as some other things, in my opinion.

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I said it would work not that it would be efficient lol.

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No meteor proc but with special skill meteor. No Shatter because Im using an eternal event horizon jaspered to bomb. :slight_smile: Im having a problem in 140+ Packsize

because of MP use. I died because i run out of MP and unable to hide from the smoke. LOL

Harmony keeps Energy up if you have HP Leech.

HP Leech? HP regeneration?

What the point in adding aftermath if no shatter to reset meteors cooldown? Thats the only way aftermath can reset meteor. Meteor resets shatter, not itself.

A suggestion to him if he use aftermath could be use shatter and have smokebomb proc or just change aftermath and meteors. The mkve speed is vault anyway so aftermath isnt truly needed but since procs activate better after clicking shatter/other oh skills, he should consider shatter with bomb proc and he might deal more dmg. Who knows?

Edit: I just seen the eternal bomb so he can’t add amber to make it have shatter and if ut is supposedly a chakram build, I think aftermath isnt needed unless you chose chakram for its high base dmg and wanting to drop meteors for huge dmg.

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Stop double posting.