2.1 Legendary monster spawn rate

Anyone like these changes? Even now every map boss are epic grade, makes us harder to farm mythic bosses for eternal items =(

What makes it harder? There’s a Nadroji Dependent affix that gives 100% Enemy Rarity

I haven’t crafted new nadroji to use the new perk for it but does this mean that all epic monsters will be legends now?


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How does the 100% enemy rarity work then?

Oooo … Haven’t got that item yet(RNG hates me) BTW, the effect apply ounce you enter the map? I mean can I snapshot it?

It increases the average rarity of enemies. Each enemy has X chance to be magic, or rare, and it increases that chance.


I see. Thanks.

does it sanpshot? I mean I wear those item 1st, enter enter the map then change other gear … can?

Which means the effect only apply when u entering a map … correct?

Either way that still wouldn’t help with getting Legendary mobs, as I understand it (epics spawned from killing rares will be nearly 0% of your total epic kills).

Sir your blightbog build is still working on 2.1?

Of course. No major nerf was done whatsoever. With the buffed killswitch, it just gets stronger.

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Ok sir .thank you

Not totally, rarity is decided on spawn time, not spawn point creation

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Mobs don’t spawn along with the map? Interesting to know… and helps explain the lag associated with the zombie bug that is so common on pack size maps.

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Back to the original question, did something actually change? To my knowledge the only thing that affects how many Legendary monsters you can see is the Ascension perk that reduces feat requirements, which makes it easier to spawn them.

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