2.1 patch Itemfind Gold Find Luck question

So after updating my game to 2.1 I just want to ask how Goldfind item find and luck function in game with hirelings. because I just created my fortune bringer build last week and wanted to know if it is still effective in this patch. Also I read in a few posts that there is a new way that the hirelings GF/IF are not averaged anymore and takes the higher value between the two characters I just want to confirm if it is true or not and about the effects of affixes like eternalized, mythical etc. Thanks in advance to those that will answer my question!

This was indeed the plan! However after dedicating a page to stats that shows your “true value” and adding a lot of new perks that increase your farming efficiency, it seemed like less of a priority to adjust the averaging. It still might be addressed at some point, but we’ll see how 2.1 does.

okay thanks for answering sir

I think averaging is still there in game actually. I experienced this tbh. Anyway good luck with your farming and