2.2 Patch?

Hi guys,
I like this game for it’s high level of customizations regarding character builds, but feel like new content is not getting pushed enough.
2.1 patch was really cool but I see myself forced to move on other titles to spend my time with. I see the developers take their time to offer us a good and polished product and appreciate that. What I have in my mind is an approach which gives us smaller patches more often, so we have a steady change to keep the players engaged/chalenged.

Does anyone else think we should get a faster pace for content releases?

It takes a ridiculous amount of work to develop new concepts, then you have to verify them against the 15 platforms the game runs on and make sure everything works right on all of them. Repeat any time you fix something.

Then once it’s released, there’s almost always stuff that was missed (no fault of the developers, it’s impossible to test every possible case!) so there’s a quick post-update patch to fix the worst of the issues.

That’s all for one patch. Start over for the next one.

Personally, I’m happy with the rate of development. There’s plenty of time to experiment with new builds and not feel like you have to re-learn all the time.

Is it really a bad thing to have time for other games? You don’t have to be committed to a single one; it’s not marriage.


I play (or don’t, at the moment) on Kindle and Amazon hasn’t even gotten 2.1 yet, so it could be worse :stuck_out_tongue:


You can side load it from www.1mobile.com . Load the app then run it and search for dungeon quest. You can get the 2.1 patch there.

i’d rather have the pace it’s at now because in addition to the mentioned ‘conflicts’:

  1. If we have a faster pace where we have a patch every week or even daily(whether it be possible or not), people would complain all the time about bugs and glitches they find on every patch
  2. They blame it all on the devs for giving a ‘rushed’ and ‘poorly-made’ patch instead of making the previous ones better. And after some time, similar to what you’re doing now, people will start saying stuff like “maybe the devs should take more time to test each patch for bugs and not rush and give more time to it and pay close attention to the game and not focus on gaining profit and and and and and and and and and and…”
  3. When the game has a faster pace and every week/day/patch has a much different challenge/mechanics, then why not make the game have daily quests that require you to be online and give it energy so we can be limited but if we have money we can spend effin friggin diamonds or gems or coins or souls or crystals or eggs or rubber duckies or catnips or freddy kreuger or hail hydra or zeus or the ring or my little puny(yes, puny) and make this game a friiggin pay to effin play game and make the devs moneywhores? Won’t this make it better :unamused:

Believe me, i’ve played many games(idk, more or less 2 dozens) that have patches every week and every couple of days to everyday. There are those very rare ones that show some promise but do you know what most of’em have in common? THEY’RE MONEYMAKING GAMES.

PS: This is only based from my experiences with games. If you’ve had better experiences, then good for you :slight_smile: but that’s not the point, is it?


You don’t get to play patch 2.2 when it comes just for asking. Get rekt.

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