2 ideas, Map and play mode

Idea 1) map: Golden Veined Treasure map of the Dungeons hordes
Eternal rarity map gotten after looting 100 legendary maps. Has EVERY map affix on it, but has maxed gold find luck and item quantity. This includes the treasure affixes from the legendary maps. A challenge for even the bravest adventurers, a mythic cartographer guards the golden chest, guaranteeing at least 1 eternal drop for those lucky enough to survive the darkest depths of the dungeon. There is also a chance for any or all of the act bosses to spawn on this map. Map can only be played on Mythic 3 difficulty.

Idea 2: 1 life to live. New game mode. Hardcore dungeon quest. Start a new character on this mode. Death is permanent. Decreased loot, gold find, and no access to vendor.


Death is permanent? :open_mouth: that was scary

I dont think many ideas are good imo but these would easily make the great game even better! Nice ideas

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I wouldn’t play any of them. Just my opinion…


Appreciate all replies, even yours anti :slight_smile: these would be options of course. Also an addition to 1 life to live: no access to withdrawal from shared stashes, mythstone/crystal stashes disabled (so they don’t steal your crystals, but you can’t boost from other characters) 1 life to live characters join a different pvp league set. No chest for wins but joining a new league tier gives a full random set of gear for your class. If you lose a fight when in control of your character, you lose all league points. Can only claim 1 set of gear per tier per season.

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Lolz yw. But I think bugs needs to be addressed before new game modes. But if any mode I would say like a co op campaign but it can’t have 2 if the same chars. That way there wouldn’t be any fights over gear.

I emailed support a while back & asked them about that, they said that they arent making a co op campaign bc they want to keep DQ offline


Then why have arena that is only played online? Guess they need to to take that off. Just seems unfair. Well then I guess guilds an a town (only reason i say a town i aeen others make a suggestion about it) are outta the question as well. Keep it offline that is why I started playing in the first place. But if any co op a blue tooth connection would keep it offline… Just a suggestion.

Idea 2 is a terrible idea and is a rip off you got from minecraft. It just wouldn’t work because every person will die easily at the start and no access to vendor and lower gold find/ decreased loot will not work because it is already extremely hard to get loot at the start and the mythic 3 loot is not worth the loot. Is hardcore DQ only played on mythic 3?

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First off, never played mine craft never will. Secondly Hardcore or 1 life to live modes have been around since before video games. Talisman a board game from the 70s had it as one of the rule options.
Thirdly, no reason to come in and post just to insult. The idea of Hardcore is to be an unforgiving challenge for those who want it, not for every player to create a Hardcore character and breeze through.

Lolz since u wanna bring in board games. How bout real life its hardcore an only one life to live. That’s hard enough for me lolz. Just messing around tho. I just think its a waste of time. Maybe like if u die in a act u gotta start from the beginning of that act an lose what gears u gained in that act. I might play that . an also u can’t use gears from main campaign. But that is my opinion.

Plenty of games have Hardcore modes. They are generally heavily played too. It gives a certain sense of accomplishment to be able to survive and thrive in a mode where you have to watch your every step or risk loss of everything.

I never died until the hundreds in floors on m2 first char.
Completely plausible.

I never die until floor 750+ mythic 3

  1. Don’t compare DQ with that plenty games. DQ is DQ, why want DQ have that mode when plenty of game’s (as u said) have that mode already.?
    2.accomplish.? u can feel that when u get your hand to the desired build and able to climb floor 1000+ M3 without dying.
  2. If u really want some brutal game, Play DQ very 1.8.1 it has bug where sometime when u play in TnT map, the box exploded when ur toon spawn and take away all your inventory item, toon lvl and alot thing. When thing happen, don’t complaint ~

calm down dude :slight_smile:

@thortag I got ur back brotha! XD

I would love to have (legend and higher) drop indacators on maps. I love playing with maps up so this would b great.

I die floor 900+

DEATH IS PERMANENT! :cold_sweat: