2 Nadrojis!

I got two Nadrojis today - 1 was unidentified when I got on, the other I got as a drop at ep 8 Floor 210!

Wellllll good for you, you got some of those early. As you climb and climb higher floors you will get to the point that you will just be selling excess Nadrojis :smiley:

This is horrible advice. I had about 10 of each and trust me, you will need them ALL of them… I am sad that I am down to 2 accessories. Anything that has affixes that you cannot get from CS/MS, you should keep. Stupid Warrior items. Only reason why I have a Warrior…

The only value I see in nadroji items are +2 all sets (trinkets) and +element damage (chestpiece) and perhaps Stun Immune, eventually.

That was speaking from personal experience though, and from a present patch perspective I really do not need them. Maybe because in games like this I avoid having many characters to play with.

Absolutely correct :smiley:

You should change this mindset and become a collector like me. XD a lot of my old unitque stuff became useful and irreplaceable!

I still miss my 1.8.0 eternals…

Now thats just crazy talk !
Anyone who has played this game for longer than 3 months, knows how much of a big deal it is to drop a Nadroji, even to this day, I still get excited to see one in my inventory.

Grats to the OP for your double drop :smiley:

Not really, I’ve been searching for like 2 years and finally got two (both warrior rings, but I jaspered one to Rogue).
I just haven’t really been climbing.

@everyone else: Thanks for the grats; now I’ll have to think about my own builds…

Whaaaaat? I’ve been getting them pretty regularly, even more than the crystal legends and top crystals… it seems like RNGesus is messing with me. Anyway, congratulations too!