2 Transactions completed (NOT)

I have bought one .99 Gold/No Ad purchase last night and was stuck on the “Purchasing” Screen for awhile after it had said my Google payment was a success.
I got off the payment screen and attempted to try it again. Google payment was a success again and was stuck in the payment screen again. I got nothing.
Next day, I look at my Google Wallet Transactions. I see 2 completed Transactions for “Shiny Box, LLC - .99 Gold Purchase (Dungeon Quest)” and I’ve still got nothing… no gold and I can still see ads.

How do I get an account system?

Hey Addison,

Sorry to hear about the transaction failures! There’s a handful of reasons why transactions don’t officially verify even when google reports they have been completed. To get refunds, please contact support@shinyboxgames.com, or you could get your account setup and we can reward your account the proper amount of gold.

To setup an account, go-to the main screen before the character select screen, and press the “DQ Account” button and register.

Please let us know if you have any troubles with registering!