20 Fortune hero points

Hi. When I first started playing I noticed I had 20 hero points already in fortune/luck.
however now I noticed it’s gone.
I thought maybe it was temporary begginer bonus but I see max lvl players who also have +20 in fortune even though it shows 0/67 points are already spent; with 20 fortune they have 87 points spent.
where is my 20 forune points gone?

Oh that 0/67 is actually the person who spent all his hero points. He spent 20 on fortune, 20 on meteor, 5 on shatter, 5 on teleport, 5 on comet, 6 on twister and 6 on dexterity.

That is 20+20+5+5+5+6+6 = 67 hero points spent completely.

The extra 20 hero points on meteor as you might or may not know is having 4x 5 meteor affixes. Those hero points are only gained from having epic affixes on gear or by using elixir mythstone.

I’m just saying. This is normal. I don’t see anything wrong with it. He has 67 hero points because his hero level is 67. The extra 20 meteor are gained from epic affixes meteor 5.