25k armor 1 hit i'm dead?

I think armor is not necessary because even i have 100k amor i think 1 hit I am still dead at floor 500+. Or if i have 100k armor and 100k hp, i will be dead after 2 hits.

How many HP do you got? can you post a screen of your stats here?
And what kind of hit?

Maybe a map with %dmg affix + boss with extra dmg xD

Thats the only way my wizard dies :stuck_out_tongue:

With 25k armor and 56k hp , after 1 hit I’m dead at floor 600+ ep 1.
uphinhnhanh.com/view-80Scree … 07_17_.png

well, I think your resist is very poor, I don’t go to to armor-focused-build if I were you. the total reduced damage is very low, u should have a better element resistance if you want to survive.
lemme put it this way, let’s say you have a 75% block+10% dodge, but even the slightest chance of Malum Spawn shoot u, can kill you, as u have 0 resist to lightning, eventho ur armor is buffy.

I have no idea how the calculation of armor vs damage or whatsoever, I just think of it in a simpler way.



Actually it’s more like :

Someone Hits you :

  • 90% chance to get hit (10% dodge)

On these 90% :

  • 25% chance to get hit (75% dodge)

So you’re already at : 22,5% chance to get hit

For the damage, I think you should go on element resistance, you should also take this talent :
“Blessed: Increase spell resistances by (Talent Rank) x 5 %”

As explained somewhere if my memory is good, it’s old, armor is nothing without element resistance :smile:

I prefer blessed too xD
Im crazy looking for the electrified armor for my warrior @.@!

With 600 all resist 1 hit i’m still dead. I cant have 25k armor and 600 resist.

It is not difficult to achieve but I don’t think it is useful because the attack is too low.

It is not difficult to achieve but I don’t think it is useful because the attack is too low.[/quote]

You. Are. Insane.
Congratulation, really, you impressed me, and i’m rarely impressed! :open_mouth:

Check your pm :wink:

It is not difficult to achieve but I don’t think it is useful because the attack ish too low.[/quote]
That’s great ! So you are dead after ??? Hits at floor 600+ ep 1 & 8

I haven’t try this at high level before and I think it is still easy to die.
Actually I don’t think the stuff only 100lv now is enough for those crazy level.

Our total dmg reduce go lower when we go further. I think with 800 rs and 80k armor you have, you’ll be dead after 2 hits at flooor 500+ep1

what in the dungeon!!
that’s a sick and weird stat!
u previously complained about your 25k armor and low resist, and in the second screenshoot u show us your mighty 80k armor amd 800 res.

question is, why in th earth you choose and complain about 25k while u can reach 80k and 800 res???

my suggestion is:

  • go frostbite (500%++ if u can)
  • go crushing blow
  • if u happen to stuck in a map and don’t want to die and restart it all over again, go buy map on your desired floor, until you find a good (and easy) map.


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btw, can you show us, your gear?
just curious to make such great def.

you have mixed up two person. XD

I can’t show you since the bad network services now

I will show it to you later.

The ring and amulet of nadroji is the most important for this build.

Level 5 plagued make armor equal to 1.25 hp.

Nice crowww xD something like that is what i want for my warrior reflect build i like to see ur equipments too hope u can upload soon

ahahaha, lol, so sorry crow, I thought it was u who uploaded the second screenie, my bad.

kinda having a hard day.

this tapatalk interface is somewhat confusing.

but yes crow, keep give us your mighty def build.

dat assault on stone of nadroji.