25k armor 1 hit i'm dead?

Well at least with that build u don’t even have to bother with epic items crafting :smile:

hmm, just wondering, compared to this legend def-focused build, just how far can epic def-focused build go?
hope anybody with buffy epic build read this and share his build.

Not that far since you can’t get the exact same affixes on epic crafting :
HP : epic affixe
Armor : epic affixe
Block : legend affixe ? (not sure if we can get it from crafting)
All resist : legend affixe (can only get “elemental resist affixe” (1 element) by epic crafting)
Total HP : epic affixe

So technically yeah, you can’t that kind of defensive build… BUT! you can get a better hybrid build imo, crowccc stuff lack of damage imo regarding to his offensive affixes

Damn nice xD i want my pandora like yours - and electrified armor - all niceeeeeeee!

What is the function of electrified?

Main function, reflect damage :smiley: also makes the damage reflected splash on area

DAT IMP. How on earth did you get all epic affixes on it?

Each time his pet was going to level up, he saved his data on server, and tried to get an epic affixe by “level up” because it’s random :wink: