2nd set affix per item

  1. Make Angelite do Topaz’ effect because nobody enchants an item with less than Epic affixes.

  2. Make Topaz do Garnets effect because removing an item from a socket should be easier than adding a socket.

  3. Make Garnet add a special Set Socket that only accepts Amethysts, or make a new ms above Elixir for this feature.

Allowing for 2 Set affixes per item opens a whole new challenge in gear selection, opening up different paths. Do you go for a full variety of affixes , get one affix to set(10) and a selection of others, or 2 set affix at 10 to showcase it’s full ability? How many more affix spot (6 max, 1 per gear item) do you want to use over legend/epic possible affix?
This feature would also help better utilize the grey set bonus affixes.

  1. yes they do to add affixes to maps and get more Pack sizes and rarer enemies. This allow new players to hunt and level up more easily since maps and angelites are cheap and easy to find.

  2. I would agree that salvaging a mythstone “should” be easier IF you consummed them at a higher rate. To craft “perfect gear” you only use like 20 stones compared to the thousands of crystals (I spend at least 1000 different crystals per build). I honestly would prefer it if Kyanite could just delete socketed mythstones. It is very annoying to have to spend a Garnet Crystal (ultra rare tier 17 Crystal) to remove a lousy Hero Mythstone (common tier 1 Mythstone) when accidently making the wrong mythic. This way you only need a Zircon which are 2x easier to get than Garnets to fix your mistake. While using Garnets to salvage the ultra rare Mythstones for other builds.

  3. I disagree, sets are very powerful affixes. It will just make +2set affixes even more important and in no way make the dependent affixes more useful as the cost is still the same. The problem with most dependent affixes is that their cost is too high compared to their bonuses. Makings more set affixes available will not fix this problem and will only decrease the number of builds you will maken

Angelite doesn’t work on challenge maps, just tried.

Yup, that effect was moved to Larimar in 2.1

well you say easy to find but last i checed the first five crystals didnt spawn past floor 500 :stuck_out_tongue:

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It does. just on the ones that do not already have maxed affixes. Larimar changes all affixes of a map to a random one.

Weird. They did change it… Gonna ask the devs to change it back! XD

Who? What? Why? I didn’t even know that you can use crystals on maps. I’m such a noob. Hahaha. Can anyone please tell me what specific crystals do on challenge maps.

Larimar changes normal and epic affixes, Diamond reroll their stat vales.

Use larimar to change the affixes, to replace unwanted affixes like Skyfall or on-hit nerf with ones like pack size or rare enemies. Diamond to change the %'s.