2v2 league is way easier

I manage to finish all of mythic and get into eternal in an hour or so. I had procrastinated for so long after hitting legend since I was hoarding pve resources.
I can only assume that people don’t play 2v2 too much since I was able to get rank 93 as soon as I hit mythic but I didn’t have the points to get into eternal.
I wish there was a distinct 2v2 vanity reward for reaching eternal. Like a weapon skin or something.

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Nice on the eternal 2v2 but also if there was a distinct skin then you’d have too fight us for the rank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The reward for reaching eternal is auto unlocked when you get it in either bracket. I already had eternal in 1v1 so the vanity skins were already unlocked. So who is “us” and why would that deter me from getting the rank to unlock the rewards if such a prize existed?

Nice. Congrats man. I am still in Common 2v2 until i get some better gear for my rogue.

Wow… auto type screwed me on this post.

I meant, “You’d be able to solo a lot of teams with your main pvp toon lol”.

AHAHA! That’s great…