3.0 can not get in crystal ruby!

can we get =IMMUNE= like frozen immune, stun immune? in ruby?

No because immunes where switched to “resist” which you can still get in ruby but immune no longer exists

Thank you Griffin… :blush:

Glad to help out :smile: :+1:

Boss Griffin can you teach me for Rogue bow arena build… if is it okay for you…?

I haven’t played arena in a very long time so not currently sorry

okay!!! no probzzzzzzzzzzzz… :slight_smile:

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Sir Griffin I have another question for you… ElementalDMG is good in arena or not? how about the glass cannon, push the limit and the barbarian is it good or not? plsss answer my questions thanks sir!!!

Yes if you use them right

sir Griffin… can you to give a little knowledge or suggestions about that affixes?

Glasscannon is good to use when you have manashield as your oh

@Alhfan ah… okay thanks… what other affixes are good in arena… for bow rogue build…

Oh pvp, i am not rly into pvp atm, so cant give advice about that. Sorry :sweat_smile:

Crushing flames & bonus
Epiphany & bonus
Faun’s gifts
Haunting bonus

Affixes set for fire DMG - blistering - CRT chance - CRT DMG

It’s a start. :open_mouth:

@CupidStunts is it for pvp rogue bow type?

He’s talking PvE type rogue since crushing flames used crushing blow and crushing blow isn’t that good in PvP or necessary.

@CuzegSpiked can you help me what blue affixes and green affixes should I use for making my rogue bow build for PVP… plssss!!!

if I use shock element!!!

It’s intended for PvE but it works in the arena well enough.

What works more effectly in the arena, according to what I think … Are.APS and effects that focus on ignore resists and that also do pierce.

I’m not entirely certain where the line is Drawn when focusing on both ED% and pierce but from what I’ve experienced is that balancing both while having significant APS’s works for all scenarios.

Movement speed Is also quite essential for the arena so keep that in mind, along with your disables.
Taunts and blinds Stand out most for me but it’s mostly revolved around preference and how comfortable you are with your hero. Sometimes the statistics reflect that you shouldn’t win a battle - how you use skill shots is what mostly predicts your wins. in my case Anyway..:grin: tactfulnessforthewin.

UrAwizardHarry™ :performing_arts: