3.0 Fire-Bolt and Frozen Crossfire combo (Farm PVE build)

Im sharing the final build that im using in farming to contribute to the game and other newbie player hope you like it :heart_eyes:

This is for your main character

  • This build is for your main character or main Toons
  • lvl 40 twister and lvl 40 Skullshield
  • This build is for farming it has 1012 Gold and Luck and 325 Drop rate
  • This is using 2 element Fire and Electric (shock) you can substitute Ice
  • NATURE is 4x Luck and 2x Gold find
  • Talent are Magnify 40 and Empower 40

This is for your HIRELING: Frozen Crossfire build

Stat page Adventure:

  • This combo is for Pack size 120%-150% can handle monster
  • Do not use map Enemy heal affix you cannot kill epic boss even cartographer
  • Advisable for farming is floor 500 and 1000 M3 for fast farming and killing monster
  • Highest floor for the test so far is 4600+ floor m3

Must watch video for further explanation:

any floor can dominate up to my highest floor so far is 4600 m3
but my tips for you guys is farm to floor 500-1000 floor for fast and easy clearing

hope you like it again :heart_eyes:

you can tweak the build if you dont like the affixes that i made this is to give you an idea for future build :sunglasses:


why 50% item drop on hireling ? is it stack with main drop ? i thought hireling need more damage

to enable to have 300%+ drop rate and frozen crossfire build (farm build) is one of the deadly hireling :heart_eyes:

Great build, Im currently running similar now albeit not quite as good as I’m missing the eternals. One question I have is how you are managing to survive and taking what seems to be zero damage on your main character in the video above? Even farming F100 M3 I am dying too often for my liking

looks like he is just using Movement Speed to move out of the way of Fury’s & other attack, and Sanctuary for when he doesn’t move out of the way fast enough.

also, the Main Shock is Paralyzing enemies and the Hirelings Ice is Slowing & Freezing enemies. Hireling Deception Talent makes use of Mirror Images to be harder to hit, and Main has a little extra Dodge on Pet. plus Twister of Wizard has Taunt which helps a lot.

he did die once in the video, but if you are careful, this build shouldn’t die too much, and this was on a Floor 4k+ map.

Thanks for the reply. What you say makes sense. I’ve been using a storm/taunt combo which I can see won’t really work now, atleast without some extra bulk. Seems that twister is most certainly the best option for this particular build. I would use manashield, but the immolating skull shield is really what makes this crushing flames combo with the hireling so quick and powerful.

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Storm/Taunt is good for Builds that have slower movement speeds. Twister requires you to move around a little more than usual.

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