3 Man party


I know it’s sound stupid but why we use 2 char to farm when we can use 3 ? Make this happen this is 2018 already .


that would probably end up casing device meltdown :slight_smile:

Three wizards…max spiritmancers…with multishot bow skills…all on a max pack size map. SOOOOOOOO many zombies :wink:


yes, more Zombies are a bad idea. one is bad enough, and each extra one just makes my thumbs more tired and numb. :thumbsup: :iphone: :ghost: :head_bandage:


Lol can you imagine the game lag. If I have 2 characters with appocalypse weapons the game grinds to an halt


Maybe with 8GB ram Razer phone or 6gb ram phone it’s possible . Below 4 ram will rip . Good point developer . Appreciate it .


Y’ever play Diablo


more zombies are never a bad idea! the more the better!


:laughing: x 10. if we could get some kind of bonus for killing Zombies/Ghosts :ghost:, but since this isn’t a Zombie killing kind of game, and the Zombies are impervious to damage, while the more there are means a slower game…


Dq 2 release ? When ?


@Skaul I played diablo 2 for 10 years


I still play some D2 when it strikes my fancy…although I have completed every D3 season…I quite enjoy D3 although I can see why players what prefer D2 would not.


I was the master of hybrid assassin :slight_smile:I used kicks, traps, shadow master, bows. 1 point in all shadow tree. 1 point in dragon flight and talon. Max 3 traps. Rest shadow master. Shadow skill charms. All skill items to get talon to 17. Ethereal arcane valour. Gore rider boots updated. 2 bk rings. Widow maker bow. Etc. Funny duels