375 bs 750 AR

How come my max AR on my items is only at 375 at 25% quality when I see people with 750??

Because you’re playing a wizard and they’re not.

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Becouse armor of items depends on the item class. Wizard is 375, rouge 750 and warrior 1250.

Rofl, sorry I am a noob thanks for the clarification. Also, do all weapons of the same type have the same base damage without factoring in affixes? For example do all wands (that are stripped of affixes for crafting) start out with the same weapon damage before any affixes are added (assuming they are the same item level and quality)?

To be honest, warrior is the best class to start playing because of that ar boost. Helps newbies. However in the end game, ar doesn’t really matter too much unless you want to make a tank build or so.

Without affixes they have the same base damage if they have the same quality%.

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Thanks, you guys are awesome!

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But don’t different types have different attacks/sec?

Different types of weapons have different damage but he asked about the same type of weapons.

Oops. My bad.