+4 Extra Attacks and +2 Multi Attack

About this two Elixer Mythstones, Does it work together at the same time or will i have to chose one of them?

Yes extra attack chances and multi attack work at the same time :smile: :+1:

Ahhh thanks Griffin… Just asking this because i have a build in progress. A Bow build :grin: :grin:

An alchemy mythic on it.

Nice! I wish you great luck with it :smile:

Hey.A little qusetion.I notice the time warp not increase orb damage,is that a bug or not :confused:

Currently a known bug :slight_smile:

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Ahh thats why Cosmic Power wont suit with Orb.

Yeah. I tried it but it didn’t work which is why you don’t see Timewarp in my orb builds.

But if I used Timewarp, I’d have had like 2400% MH orb in PvP for crazy DMG and 7000% or more MH in campaign . Not only that but my MP problems would be solved and saved slots lol. But tbh , Timewarp affecting orb was overpowered anyways.

Yeah pretty OP. I have an eternal pet named Cerberus with Affix that really suits on any build but no flat ed+

Wow! me im still searching for a suitable pet :slight_smile:

Yeah thats good @undeadkramz214 .