+5000 weapon DMG VS +50% weapon DMG VS +20% elemnt DMG

Say, if I have to choose between one of these on my mythic apocalypse weapon, which one shall I use? My apocalypse have +50% weapon damage from endow already…

In that case, 5000 Weapon DMG is next best.
Edit: If you only have 1 50% DMG, get another the other way. If you have the MS, get the epic affix.

Depends on the damage of the weapon, and whether the two 50 stack multiplicitive or additive.


Damage from weapon is 30000

50% is an extra 15000 damage
100% would make it double the base damage…
5000 weapon damage added to it would make base 35000, which with the 50% would add 17500 damage vs the 15000 previously.

Making 200% of 35000 do 70000 damage now

20% elemental is nice added, but not as good as 50%, and I believe elemental % is factored after nonelemental.

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50% is calculated first, +Weapon DMG should not gain the 50% bonus. It really depends mostly on weapon type and wether you plan on maxxing ilvl and quality. But generally, 50% should be higher than 5000 dmg. What I should be asking though, is why not both? To maximize dmg, you really should have both of the 50%s AND the 5000.

Now with the dictionnary you can find any formulas (to calculate the DPS for example), just sayin :unamused:

4 affix from mysthstones
1 crystal affix
1 open affix i need to choose from…

I think much better is set affix (green affix ) for your last slot


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As I said before, it really depends on some other things. In terms of endgame best possible scenario, then yeah, probably the right set affix might be better. But which one, do you already have pieces of that set, do you have +4 to all sets, do you even have the capability of adding a set affix or more importantly, can you afford to get the right one? I still say 50% is the practical answer.

For warrior weapons I did the math a while back and +5000 damage is better than +50% and both are better than +20% elemental damage on all weapons. Can’t speak to Rogue or Wizard stuff though. This also highlights the biggest issue of weapon Mythics – it burns through a number of affix slots on an item where the affix slots (at least as to +5000, +50%, and a socket for another +50%) end up stacking multiplicatively with all of your other sources of damage boosts. Being left with 1-2 open affix slots and having to pick between a Crystal affix, Set affix, and the Holy Trinity of weapon damage bonuses usually ends up costing you more in damage potential than you gain from the mythic bonus. Some may still be a net gain, I haven’t yet run numbers on all of them - will eventually get to that in my theorycrafting thread but always remember it’s a zero-sum game – you gain a cool skill or power from Mythics but it costs you a BUNCH of affix slots to use (and sometimes in affixes you don’t give a crap about or aren’t efficient to gain through Mythstones).