7 deadly sins set is good how about this?

It seems the seven deadly sins set got a popular swing to some because it rewards players to complete a set and be strong to take on floors with out having to craft sets that needs obsidian and mythic affixes.

I got an idea how about another set named after the 7 signs of the apocalypse?
Conquest - Pink and grey affix about movespeed
War - About damage
Famine - resource cost
Death - crit
Martyrs - Hp and mp?
earthquake - elemental damage
angelic trumpheter ( pet ) - All proc because it doomsday.


nice idea :relaxed:

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what is this set? any picture/image about this set?

He made up the set ideas. As for the seven deadly sins gears, you can find them on legendex warrior and legendex pets.

It should be name seven sign of Illuminati confirmed xD

Nah illuminati not real. confirmed.


LOL skaul do you really believe in that? Funny that only western countries believe in illuminati. While asia, africa, south america don’t.

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Illuminati is love, Illuminati is life. :sunglasses:

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omg ur Illuminati !!! haha

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My cover has been blown.

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