A bug? a question to battle arena

I want to ask a question, my equipment isn’t inlegal, but when I went to the battle arena, i become one of the hackers, i’m so sad about that, because it means i have to started the game again to battle with normal people, could someone help? My accout is I only have an external bow and pet in anema.

here is my equipment.

i hope dq could give me a explanation, i’m so anxious :frowning:

maybe they check your dq cloud and found something, im not sure about it

I think what portrays you as a cheater/hacker is the fact that you have completely perfect rolls on everything, save for the trophy and bow. All of your qualities are capped, most of your affixes are capped, and you even have a perfect pet.

Whether you are a hacker or not, I cannot say, but, if I were to guess, I’d say that you are. Too perfect. The way you have to roll Legend and Crystal affixes… There’s just no way. And the pet is too perfect.

yeah all perfect rolls. I once tried rerolling affixes and used 200 diamonds but i never perfect rolled all legends and crystal affix. Either you are very lucky to perfect roll everything or item editing tool. ^^

Especially your gears have a lot of legend affix. Your cap for example has 3 legend affix and 1 crystal affix. And you have them all perfect rolled ^^

are you crasy?there is some way to get to that.i tell you,you can get max luck,in a legend map,then get the affix max one by one,if it is not max,just delete it and get it again.about the pet,dont you know there is a bug is when you equip a 1 level pet in low floors like 2or 3,you pet will level up when you kill a small monster. i get the build by my intelligence,not for hacker.

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Ok that makes sense. You delete the affix and put it again and if it’s not perfect you do it again ^^

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maybe perfect roll for every affix seems suspicious but we all know its possible but its not that easy you really need to work hard and luck for it,
well we cant judge him ,maybe let officers explain for him.

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Well i guess so. Emaill support directly support@shinyboxgames.com


yes,i’m waiting for it.

about hard work, i have climb up to 2000 floors, dont you think it need hard work. to be honest, i really love this game, i really hope dq can give me explain.

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you play every single floor or you convert?

you have to play every floor, dont you?

well map can be convert

but the first time you could only climb and climb, right?

yes,and the pet in that bug will get the affix max

as steiger said before in other thread, they not ban anyone who just look suspicious. beside they have many way to detect 1 account using cheat or not.if u are not then u can contact support for help,

please call the support for me, i dont not how.