A Couple of Suggestion

First of, let me say this game is wow. Been looking for a game like this for quite sometime. This game seriously deserves more attention!

So i have a couple of suggestions:

  • A wikia page! The DQ site of shinybox is informative, but not informative enough. With the depth and variability available in game, i think it needs to have its own wikia. Or at least more info on the DQ page. (Like a list of Affixes which include maximum stat for Rare/Epic/Legendary Affixes). Been looking around but i cant seem to find it. But this is not the place for the answer to that question.
  • Challenge Map affix called “Crystal / Gem Palace”, where all the monsters have a special glassy look to give them a crystal or gem feel, and they drop crystals/gems more frequently.
  • An option to break down Legendary/Epic equipment for gems/crystals maybe? Although the economy of the game might be ruined if its a 1 is to 1 thing.
  • A pet that automatically sells equipment you choose not to loot? It will come in handy when farming gold and crystal/gems.
  • A Crystal / Gem Box! They take up A LOT of space. Still very much playable without a gem/crystal box though. But its nice to have things organized.

Just suggestions, I dont really know how challenging it is to code these, or what effect they may have in game. That’s about it for now, keep up the good work devs and mods!

A Wikia is already available :smile:
We’ll update it with more stuff from time to time.

Huge thanks to Diieter for setting this up!


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A couple of these sound good. But yes, as Centra said, there is a wiki already. Go check it out!

Oh damn. How the hell did i notbsee the wikia page. I feel embarassed now blush. Anyway thanks for the link!