A Farm Build

Is it actually worthy to do a farm build char? I only have the crystal and mythstone for only one build, but I am also thinking about doing a wizard build. So can I benefit a lot from the farming build? Otherwise, I will do my wizard…

look around. everyone talks about farming. It’s worth it. create a farming set even the very basic ones with just legend items with Eternalized, Crystalline and Nadroji. The reward will be a hundred folds of what you invested

Whoooooo! I will do it right now lol

i agree with f00kee but you will still need a bit of patience and determination if you want a really good build

In all honesty, I feel the most successful farming is done on very easy. I kill most everything in under 2 seconds with a battle mage rogue on floors 1-500. I have maxed or near maxed gf/luck/item drop with very few combat affixes on my gear; yet I can clear floors in 30 seconds, if I just charge straight for the carto, or full clears in around 2 mins.
I was farming on m3 with wizard/warrior combo but the clear times were much slower. Not to mention the loot was spread between the 2 of them so I couldn’t ever hunt for anything in particular.
Majority of the affixes I have are epic ones. It started off as a budget farm build but I already had a nadroji necklace with +4 sets on it from pvp (yeah that’s right, nadroji in the arena cuz I didn’t really care that much lmao) but it quickly became my favorite farm character due to the ease of it. I seriously don’t have to worry about dying. Skyfall and tnt props start to hurt around 450-500 though.
Anyways, gl!

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I actually use PvP build, which isn’t that amazing. Doubles as a player murderer as well as a MoB murderer. M3, nearly max GF, ID Luck = quick farm. Trust me, just start with something like @ocenyx’s BB build and you will see great results with minimal stats.

Yeah and pray to RNG god lol

Do you use a hiring toon for farming?

You should always use a hireling. Boost in item drop.

ok thx.
Could you give me some advice on farming for extra rare items like defiant or VS?

well farming is easy but getting/crafting a good build isn’t as easy, for me at least coz i have many ideas but high lvl cs and ms are hard to get even with conversion

Just max your ID and Luck, use a hireling, and wear Nadroji on floors 191-200. Keep in mind that farming sets don’t work on hirelings.

okay I will do that. Thx