A few ideas for legendary item improvements

Seeing as how a lot of people seem to use more epic then legendary item. It goes top reason the legendary items are not preforming like one would expect.

With that being said here are some ideas
-reduce the amount of predetermined mods on a legendary
-add a new mod Tier (yellow -> orange -> red) that can only be found on legendaries
-give legendaries a chance to roll red Tier mods (including the predetermined mods)
-give legendaries atleast one red Tier mod
-make more mods unique to legendaries

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I agree, legendary items now arent very ‘legendary’, only worthwhile legendaries are the ones woth Item Find %, or glasscannon, rest suck xd

My build is based on legendary items on both characters xD i have no time to reroll even 1single piece x.x

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I can say there will be a new tier ( beyond Legend ) after the Rogue patch. A lot of the concepts you listed here will be featured on them :smile:

Haha, great minds think a like.

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Since we’re on the subject…

Many Legends have a random Talent, for example, all of the Faun gear. It would be really (really really) great if you could reroll just the talent, and turn that Fustigate Helm, for example, in to a (in my opinion) far more useful Might Helm.

I do disagree that Legends are useless, though. My primary build is entirely Legends.

we are gonna need extra space on our inventory xD

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fyi, set affixes ARE RED, LEGEND TIER AFFIXES.

@steiger : don’t u ever say that the tier’s name is ‘arcane’, lol.
why don’t we just simply put our Legend tier to ‘unique’ (the main reason is that there are too many Legends on my stash, but yet, I’m no legend hero just yet, like Harahell, lol)

Spoilers: The new item tier will be called “Mythic” and will be [color=#8000FF]purple colored[/color].

Sweet! Can’t wait!

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u spoiled us too much. XD

hahaha :smiley: awesome, looking forward

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