A few rogue questions. I'm new to dungeon quest!

Hey everyone,

I’m new to this game (installed it a few days ago) and so far I’m liking it a lot and will keep playing for a while. As you read in the topic I’m playing rogue and there are just 2 things I can’t seem to understand. I hope you guys can help me

First my preffered OH weapon is vial. Really like it but I don’t understand how the elemental damage of coatweapon works. If for example I’m using a bow with fire dmg and I use coatweapon which has poison dmg what damage type will it do? I do see fire dmg only in my screen (even the coatweapon proc) but my vial has poison dmg. Can someone explain this? Or does it add to your main weapon somehow.

And second when I’m spending skill points and I look at stealth it says +5% dmg at next rank. But as far as I know stealth doesn’t deal any damage? With some builds I do see people put points in there but I don’t understand what the dmg does. Is it you’re doing more damage while stealthed?

If anyone can give me some info I would be thankful! Thanks in advance


Coat Weapon is buff skill. it doesn’t deal damage but it will buff your next attack to 100% cause element crit and crit damage. So for your case even if you use 2 element weapon, when coat active it will effect your next attack basically if your next attack is your MH guidedshot (Fire element) then it will do crit damage and blistering. if your next attack is from OH special for example taunt (Poison Element) then it will do crit damage and cause poison cloud too.

Yep when your toon in stealth mode, it will increase the damage by 100%. adding heroic in stealth will increase damage output, also some other thing like duration eth.

Thanks! It makes sense now. Where can I find such information about stealth etc. It doesn’t say anything about it ingame or the wiki page.


Stealth is for dodging damage. That’s all. (And when you upgrade it in by hero points, it can slightly boost your move speed when active) :smile:

incresse damage too :disappointed_relieved:

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Sadly stealths nerfed alot. It only last 1 second and reduces dps by 50%. It’s still good but it takes extra skill for it to be really effective nowadays in the arena or campaign since 1 second is not even close to enough.