A few tough questions

Hello everyone! I had a few questions that I have found difficult to get a clear answer by reading older posts.

  1. Do hireling stats apply even if hireling is dead?
  2. Is there a chance for any map drop or purchase to be legend, or can you only get that from completing feats?
  3. I noticed that sometimes my skull shields seemed to get “killed off” and I had to reapply the skill, but it seemed random and unpredictable when it would happen. Is there a system that would describe the mechanics behind this?
  4. Does luck affect ms/crystal rarity as well?
  5. When it comes to the use of the plagued set mechanics, does damage increase on enemies already affected as you infect more, or does the damage multiplier only affect new targets or old targets as you reapply?
  1. Most likely. Just test it.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes, but you get no explanation because I don’t have it :smile:
  4. I would love to say yes, but I’ve no clue.
  5. Considering that Pick up Radius, for example, only works with the items dropped while the boost is active, I would assume that it affects new targets.

You’re welcome for my wonderful (not that helpful) help.

  1. I don’t know, never had a hireling and never will(coz i have no money :cry: )
  2. Yes, there’s a possibiity for itt to be a legend map. You can also get a legend map when you complete a feat where you kill 25 cartographers or collect 25 maps from cartogrphers. This feat wil award you with a sure legend map drop which has a very low chance of being an eternal map.
  3. I’m not sure but i think it’s because the skulls reduce a certain amount of damage and when they’ve exhausted that reduction, they’re dispelled. Kinda like manashield but with much different mechanics.
  4. I don’t think so. I think luck only affects item drops and the cs/ms rarity is another thing.
  5. I don’t know. I just use it lol. But maybe it only applies to new tarrgets


haha. ‘for lack of a better description’

with patch 2.0, Plagued’s poison damage modifier was changed to happen only at DoT application. it used to apply per tick, i think, which was why green garden dealt so much damage before (way more than the devs intended. so @Skaul and @DJETHRistcix are correct.

thanks for the clariffication :smile:

Noiiceeee. More time for cars, now. :+1:

Thanks for the responses @Skaul, @DJETHRistcix . My build I am currently using utilizes a lot of helpful advice from @Skaul on upping my damage. I use the charge skill from battle Mage to quickly move around the map, dropping poison clouds and tacking on DOTs. It takes me longer to pick up the items than to kill everything. But, if that is how plagued works, should I try to replace my storm proc affixes with +damage to be more effective?