A legendex (eternal version and crystal legend version and maybe even eternals with crystal affix)

As the title suggests, it would be nice if we had a legendex to keep track of what eternals you collected as well as crystal legends and eternal legends with crystal affixes.
It would be really cool for collecters like me because now that eternals and crystal legends as well as legends are very easy (especially with epiphany [5], maxed luck gold and item drops with fortunate) for some people like me,@cronos4321 and some other members of the forums as well as regulars and leaders/some testers.

Of course maybe a star next to the legend representing eternal , cyan for getting crystal legends and turquoise for eternals with crystal affixes.
Maybe even a seperate guage to track how many you collect.

Ofc, it does seem like it may just be overwhelming for some players but for other players, most likely no problem .

This is all my opinion btw and if theres better suggestions, feel free to post them here :smiley:

I don’t understand. You have the in-game LegendEx and an Excel LegendEx already. You could even make an Excel or Word file yourself.
Or even use pen and paper! But that’s just nonsense.
Pointless suggestion.


He’s not asking for some outside-the-game thing, he’s asking for a mark in the in-game legendex when you’ve found an Eternal/Crystal/Both version of a legend. Similar to the current check that marks whether you’ve found it at all.

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Maybe I’m just lazy to check an excel or pen or paper and that i don’t always have time to do that. I screenshot them but I do lose track,sometimes.

Not really a pointless suggestion because not all player has the immediate answer of get an excel or paper to tick off what you got. I’m sure some players who don’t even go on the forum might think that or maybe even new potential players from future.

What I’m saying is to make some sort of mark to get eternal,crystal legends and eternal crystal legends. Just something that I thought might be good despite other ways of doing it. I do sound a bit lazy but a suggestion is a suggestion. I never knew it was 100% pointless suggestion. I thought it may have some use. It is just my opinion of course. If I had pen and paper, I would need quite a bit of them to tick for eternals, crystal legends and eternals with crystal affix legends. For excel, quite a bit of time to finish it.
Would kind of make it easier if the game could check it, though alot of work to implement it. I was thinking maybe a badge to check that you collected an eternal/crystal legends/eternal crystal legends.

Just my opinion.

@Skaul , thanks for reminding me about pens/pencil with paper or excel to track them. I started to go down this foot step to be collecter because I kept getting screenshot of many eternals/crystal/eternal crystal legend. I am a little bit lazy but thats just because I like lots of dq and also the stress of exams coming up so revision.

Also I completely forgot about pen/paper or excel legendex lol