A little bit of Suggestion for the inventory and equipments

So at first, , so far its been really a good game, and it became better when the PVP arrived. So if i may, i would like to suggest.

  • There would be another settings in the inventory box like a set of equipments of your choice. You just pick whether you wear your set 1, set 2 ,set 3.

  • And when i meant “SET”, i mean like a portion of the inventory where you can pick your equipments and make them as a SET. So in the game you have your own set of equipments and every set is your choice for example:
    As a ranger class: You have always doubted whether you will use a Bow, Flintlock, or Dagger, and most of the time you use a Bow (for example) , but in some other time you will take more time in looking for your other equipments to match the stats that you needed for a certain weapon. So with the help of sets you can just put there your choice of equipments that you can just equip all at the same time in just 1 tap, you dont need anymore to scan your inventory and equip them one by one.

  • But also equipments you chose to put to the set will still be deducted in the inventory space.

  • And lastly, there would be a free 1-2 Sets per player and additional sets will be for sale.

I would like to open this suggestion because it takes a lot of time scanning in your inventory and equipping them one by one. Because as for my observation of my fellow gamers they have in their inventory, their own equipments set aside for gold and item boosting and the other set they have in their inventory is a set for heavy damages for pvp and boss battles. So thats why I came up with this suggestion.

Last one I would like to suggest is: That you can open your inventory in the entrance screen in the battle arena.

Thats all that i have in mind. Thanks and More POWER TO YOU GUYS!!. . :smiley:


+1 to this for easy Item/gold farming items switch to pvp

yeh . .good point . :smiley: