A newbie quide to leveling from a newbie ( level 96) after 7 days

Put skill points into the easiest to use offence skills and fortune. Equip any usefull item dropped and add luck. Raise the difficulty level or drop it on a boss to boss fight. Salvage all rare items. Read these forums and check the codex and reroll skills as required. Any good ?


Yup. Sounds about right.

Also don’t be afraid to be daring by jumping from x floor legend to the same floor mythic 3 (eg If your character is capable of doing floor 850 legend then it is capable of jumping to 850 mythic 3). It will just take longer to farm but I did just that and now im on mythic 853

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:laughing: that is what I did while Ascending for the first time, but then I had to go the other way when the monster HP got too high, then I went the other-other way, had some fun, but I ended up dying more, so I had to go the other-other-other way to get CS/MS. just landed in Legend difficulty, and I hope I don’t have to drop any further. I am not dying as much, so the gold is starting to go back up again, instead of going down like it was before.
I know one thing for sure, I am going to work my paper & pencil very hard before I start spending resources on Golems Ultimate Farming Build.

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Your a planner mate. I just wing it unfortunately lol

oh no! don’t get the wrong impression of Golem! Golem is very lazy and wings it all the time. it is when Golem runs out of Winging It Options that Golem desperately writes out a plan so that Golem can start Winging It Again.


Plans… Ewwww

Even legend can be converted into ultra rare crystals. Tested it

I have gotten ultra rare crystals from Legend items, but I wait until I am on a Legend map to convert, better chances, I think. I save all my Eternal/Crystal items to convert on Legend maps, because of the higher Luck and Crystal drop rates.

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I dropped an eternal map and farmed it. Dropped sweet F.A. (nothing). But on the same map ended by getting my first eternal fabled staff from vendor for 17 k. So i cheered up ALOT !!! :smiley:

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yea… legend and eternal maps are hit n miss. but as others have pointed out, a good place to convert your items, etc.


found a Rogue Fabled Hat, Eternal with max Mythical affix. decided to save it to see what I can do with it later.

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