A question about summoned Furies minions spells

What is the nature of these spells? And can we control the type of spells they cast ?

By nature you mean if are they projectiles, throwable, etc? They aren’t both of these, just Summons. The type is the same of your MH.

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I think Minion Spells is just the name of their attack. in PVP I see that in the battle log. it’s like seeing comet or scalp or bleed or something. and the only control we have is summoning them, and then their element, and then any Talents, Skills, and Affixes that have an effect on Summoned Minions.

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It’s a shame you can’t control the nature of minions attacks :smiling_imp:

you mean like changing melee to ranged, or ranged to melee? or a mix? like 2 melee and 1 ranged?

I was thinking summons summoning lol eg mirror images and furies