A question about talent zealous ·

I have checked previous discussion but I still can’t make sure following questions,if you know the answer please share to me, thanks.

  1. If move speed already full,for example 50,used zealous will it add more DPS ?
  2. If used 100% glasscannon, only 1 HP ,in this case zealous is still workable or not.
  1. Probably
    2.yup :blush::blush:

I use glasscannon but 92% my life is now 832 but my damage is 109-180k is that ok?

In PvP no. In campaign for farming high floors , yes!

Why? Well you will get one shot no matter how much HP you have at very high floors so your focus is avoiding getting hit and reviving when you do via sanctuary Mythic.That 50% increased DMG is so worth 1 affix and is as valuable as set Affixes increasing all DMG.

Ohh thanks but glasscanon is the one who take me to eternal leagues should i change it? And what is the best item to essily defeat an oponent in eternal leagues that have cerebral vortex?