A question to all

Is this build still good or nah?

Remove aoe range at amulet… and change it with +2 set mhyth stone.
Remove reflect damage at hat change it with blight (elemt crit damage)

And if u can, change ur weapon and ur off hand or chest to item with elemental damage affix ( 100% poison damage), 200% poison damage will good…


OK thanks

You definitely need an elixir mythstone in there to get 5 all sets .

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also, with Momentum, you need some movement speed bonus. if you have 20 points in Dexterity (+10% movement) with the Momentum (3), that is only +3% DMG. with Momentum (5), only +5% DMG. hmm, ok, just saw the Adventurer Set, so as long as the Gold Picked Up Indicator is on, you are ok.

also, is this Build Climbing Floors or Farming?

Uhm it’s just for climbing since I don’t know any farming set and I’m only at floor 464

its so nice :handshake:

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if you aren’t going to boost your Manashield for defense while climbing, better to use Orb for Teleporting away from danger or Skull to use Skullshield as an auto targeting weapon. Manashiled has the same problem as going high HP with Armor & Resistance, it becomes less effective the higher the floor you climb. with Epiphany (5) you can get up to Dodge & Block 75%, and with Sanctuary, you don’t really need high HP. this makes room for more affixes to do damage to kill monsters before they even think they can attack you.

Aethereal Drain takes away your ability to use MP Regen which weakens your Manashields effectiveness a lot, and with Glasscannon, your HP is at risk even using HP on Hit & Regen, which is why Legend Reflect DMG is a bad idea, you need to get hit for it to be effective, and you don’t want to get hit with low HP.

you have a lot of parts of your build that work well together, but you also have parts of your build that are cancelling out other parts.

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