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Hi, im a couple weeks new to the game and brand new to the fourms. Ive read through quite a bit and found most answers here. My question is…ive reached floor 200, and a message come up saying i cant progress further, use maps. Are there floors beyond 200 other than using maps? If so how do i access them? (Feels like a noob question lol)

And just wanted to give mad ups to the dev and his team, this game is an amazing clone. Best game ive played in a while. Thanks guys

Nope, 201 and up are maps only.

No only maps can push you beyond 200, but there are endless floors with maps depending on your gear and skill level.

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Alright thank you very much haha, time to go look at the maps ive saved lol

If you don’t have a high lvl one, you can go to floor 200 and buy a map from the merchant to start at 200.

along the lines of this question is there a way to jump more than 1 lvl on maps or do you just have to go up 1 lvl at a time? also is there a way to change the difficulty without starting over at lvl 200?

Sorry, bad new for you my friend :frowning:
You do have to go up one at a time, and there is no way to change EP difficulty without starting over at floor 200.

I just wish we could use floor selection to purchase maps off the Merchant for floors past 200 which we already completed.

Would save frustration if one forgot to purchase a map, as well as saving inventory space.

Of course, while it sounds simple, it would probably be one of those ideas that’s counter to current programming code lol

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