A 'Short' Review

Hi guys! So i decided to make a review about this game. You may be wondering, “But i thought you could review on the Playstore!!?!?” Well, that’s true, but it has a god forsaken word limit, and if you noticed in the title ‘short’ yup, it ain’t gonna be short. Prepare your reading glasses!

So before i start with the juicy stuff, i want to praise the game for it’s active community. It helps newbies like me and the others get into the game faster and it allows another platform where developers can read through bugs, glitches and suggestions! So with that out of the way, let’s dive in! Dungeon Quest is your typical Dungeon RPG game: You run around and kill monsters and get better gear in the process, however, this game is unique in it’s own way. One example is the Mythstones and the ability to create ‘Mythics’ by socketing specific stones into one of your gear. The game is surprisingly in-depth with lots of uniquely named gear and items. Like everybody else, i’m expecting new and interesting items. The enemies have some variety for it’s intended Dungeon, which is good, but it’s good to have a tad bit more variety! Dungeons can come in a variety of layouts and colours, such as purple coloured lava and such. Framerate drops are rare, except when you gather around all the enemies in the level into one area. And if you STILL are experiencing framerate issues you can turn down the FX, that being said, the graphics in this game are perfect for a mobile game! Not saying it is in par with the bigger titles but it has that perfect touch of graphical essence. The classes make for a unique playstyle with each class having three different weapon types to choose from to suit your needs. I hope the devs add more customization and classes. I personally want a ‘steampunk’ style class where he/she uses machines to aid him/her and steampunked styled weapons. Of course, the game has it’s fair share of bugs/glitches. One fine example is the infamous ‘Frozen Cartographer’ glitch which i have yet to encounter and i don’t hope to encounter it. Other examples are pets, items and gold going outside the dungeon ‘walls’ into the black abyss, small graphical issue. Well, i did encounter a personal graphical issue where the inferno boss is lying horizontally in the floor when using a poisoned bow on him, i haven’t be able to recreate it yet again. To sum it up, Dungeon Quest is a perfect game for all ages and RPG lovers, with constant updates coming. I give it a 9.7/10 :smiley:

Yay! First reply! I’m happy to review such a great game! Woot :mrgreen:

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Man, that’s a long review. Glad you like the game :smile:

LIKE the game? I absolutely LOVE it! The review is the representation of that love!

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Great review LordNewb, thank you for sharing! :smile: