A sigh of relief and a moment of glory. Also I am planning to upload video of my arena battles

I’m gonna upload video of my arena run at 1080p60fps but it’s 30 mins just due to immortals alone xD. No way I have enough space or so to record long time at 1080p60fps. My first true high quality fast video.

I also had lag when recording so I had to retry , bump up the clock speed to max since I usually underclock and voila. Smoothest and highest quality video is ever made. Gonna edit it and probably upload.

I’m so proud I got no 1. It took a while but I finally did it. Gonna rest , farm up, then shoot for no 1 in 2v2 xD. Those battles were the best legit builds I’ve ever faced and a fun one too. Immortal time isn’t so bad.

My PvE leaderboard moment of glory. My reaction be like - OMG I’m so good at video games!


Pls, I want to see someone facing my build

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I have faced it and finally beat it. I struggled until I figured out but I felt like you gimped your build. This was the best battle ever though. It’s even better that I’m doing it consistently now.

My video will take while uploading since my internet not all that great but I’ll find time.


Here’s a video:

Honourable mentions for people I faced go to: @Mr_Scooty @luisfsk @Mandelbrot @PaNgaHazZz @flasher13 . You all had some fun and interesting legit builds. That day was a great Saturday or Friday.

Edit: I learnt from this video that in future to compress it without losing quality and not use auto bitrate like I used to since I remember not knowing what bitrate used to be until recently. With every video, I feel I learn something new.


LOL, amazing playing, you have got great skills with your build. Your strategy against everyone is quite precise, but I saw you face hitting wall using vault against me xD

Great Discovery: My AI is so gentleman that waits too much to attack.


I noticed myself that the skills improved. I guess it’s what happens if you use that build for so long and the new changes helped me too. Thanks :slight_smile: . Your A.I was the best thing that happened since it forced me to improve but also because immortal builds and the arena generally got tougher . I guess that’s why I feel my skills improved.


@CuzegSpiked Great video of intense Eternal Division 1 battles. Top spot well earned. :muscle:


@CuzegSpiked what video recorder you’re using?

AZ Screen Recorder. Anyway I tried compressing the video file as a new file and even though it compressed it by half to 1GB, I combined with other footage and it went back to the normal 2GB due to editor reasons I guess. I mean AZ Screen Recorder is not root recorder that can record at any resolution, frame rate , bitrate , has editor tools , compress by reducing bitrate and resolution of videos as a new export.

I use cyberlink Powerdirector for editing. Sometimes VidTrim if I want to cut out some parts and combine music.

My phone takes forever compressing video and gets super hot though so I am not gonna stress the phone extremely lol.

Great combinations of oh skill +orb. But i think youll need more dmg. To fight immortal build. I want to see how you fight with my wiz. Soon. If its finish to fixed the problem.

Great video man, I started using AZ Screen Recorder aswell, my only problem was getting that free space xD keep it up! motivates me to post more gaming videos too!

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Use 4Mbps for 720p bitrate. 720p 60fps , use 5-6Mbps bitrate . For 1080p, use 5-6Mbps bitrate . For 1080p 60fps , use the 7.5mbps to 8mbps bitrate . Never select autobitrate. That’s on AZ Screen Recorder.

Keep the encoder as support pause.

Other than that, good luck. 480p or lower, use 1-3Mbps or lower bitrate. Auto is fine for 480p and below since those qualities are very low and consume low space.


alright, imma try that. thanks!

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Nice vedio,the quality is more than enough,best 30 mins today :+1:
Cool build,skill,internet.If I play your build,I cant beat Mr-Scooty’s monster,since I am too bad in the last two.
I am going to give you higher rank network testing :smiling_imp:
Something should be solved here:

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I actually reuploaded the compressed bitrate file 1080p and I uploaded the raw 1080p60 footage , albeit compressed bitrate. Both at 7Mbps at 1080p or so. I managed to compress the file size from 2.5GB to 1.5GB . I haven’t noticed quality loss but the sound is bearable and yeah the videos awesome.

Hopefully easier to watch. It did take a very long time for me to upload though as I got potato internet but it’s better than some. 1-2Mbps average my internet. I would love better obviously.

:slight_smile: :thumbsup: . I’m glad you liked it.

Also I found Mandelbrot build pretty challenging but very well built and fun to face. Same with Mr Scooty . Luisfk also. Luisfk I lost many times until I figured out a weak point and since then, I consistently beat him with my type of build. Luisfk was the big reason I revamped my build but off the meta itself also and I had the revamp idea for ages, just I never used it until I really needed it.