A Toons Best Friend Is...A Slime?

I have been farming for experience at m3 f110, and have ended up collecting a lot of stuff. so I cleaned out my stash, and one of the things I did was put all my slimes in one spot. and I noticed something weird. they were all shock element.
the thing about slimes is they all have an element focus. +10 damage to an element and 100 resist to the same element.
if you use calcite to change a slimes element, their element focus stays the same.
as far as I can tell, if an Enslaver drops a slime of Normal to Epic tier, it will be fire, ice, poison, and shock. it seems a slimes element is based on the map it is found. I think arcane element slimes can only be found if the slime is Legend or Eternal.
I asked a slime to help me with a little experiment, and it agreed. I used calcite on the helpful slime and discovered that even when I change a slimes element, the element focus stays the same. so if you originally find a slime that is fire, it will have +10% fire damage and 100 fire resist, plus it’s level/2 fire resist. when I use calcite to change the slimes element to ice, it is still +10% fire damage and 100 fire resist, plus level/2 ice resist.
I was thinking about Toons with builds that have 2 elements in their build. for example, MH is ice and OH is fire. if the slime I experimented with is used as a pet, if the Toon puts +elemental damage+ or % on it, it will be ice, because that is the slimes elemental nature, so the bonus helps the Toons MH damage. but the slime still has the +10% fire damage, which boosts the Toons OH damage.
now I don’t know what the skill is, but slimes also have a skill called Bad Skill. I noticed in the Codex that the Barbarian set Trinket that is gotten in the Arena also has Bad Skill. I wonder if you have a slime and Trinket with Bad Skill, does it stack?
anyways, I hope we can give our new friends, the slimes, more love.

Edit: I have been farming floor 110 since Perk 4 (shock map) and all slimes I have gotten are shock. 2 magic, 6 rare, and 1 epic. so if you are looking for a slime with a certain element focus, go to a map with the same element.

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i really dont care for slimes… polluting the pet pool with so much repetition…

but… i have always wondered, just what does bad skill mean

this post asks that question, but I don’t think the answer is correct, mostly because the trinket with the Barbarian set from the Arena has it, and because it is different from the element focus each slime has. sorry @CuzegSpiked.
also, the Codex doesn’t say either, and I have just been going through the Slime threads, and no one has mentioned it yet. I think it is being kept a secret until you find the answer, and then you are part of the conspiracy to keep the secret from anyone who doesn’t know. :wink:

lol uh huh

if it’s a bad skill, don’t use it, hahahaha


I don’t know. if it is really that bad, you would think the Forum would explode with people posting about it. I think it must be really good, so good that there is a Bad Skill Secret Society, the BSSS, that works to keep the Bad Skill description from anyone who doesn’t have the pet slimes with the skill. and when you do get the pet, the BSSS brings you into the society, and if you try to tell everyone about the skill, they ENCOURAGE you to keep THE SECRET.
the BSSS must do a good job of encouraging because there are no posts about the skill after a year or so of the skill being available on the slimes.


lol… b…s… :laughing:

@ObiWanKenobi don’t laugh so fast. think about how powerful the BSSS is! people ask questions all the time about everything, even things that have been answered 20+ times in the forums! but there is only 1 real question about Bad Skill in the forums, and no enlightening answers. plus, since I started this post, I feel like I am being watched. :eyes:

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Why sorry?

@CuzegSpiked for saying I disagreed with your answer in the Slime’s Bad Skill post.

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I forgot to also include trophy bad skill as in Root, Slow and Silence also since trophies also say bad skill.

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I was wondering about that when I was looking through the Codex. one of my goals is to get something with Bad Skill on it so that my curiosity is satisfied. I wonder if there is a difference in how that skill works between the trinket and slime. because in the trinket, their skills are activated by the player or A.I., but I guess the slime with the skill would activate it somehow, unless it is a different skill with the same name.

This. :point_up: Lol :joy:


The BS i know is the trophy​:joy: root,silence,and slow​:joy::joy: theyre called bad skill but actually a good 1, maybe its the same with the slime youre talking about

@kuyaInsAN thank you, I didn’t think about that. now I am wondering what the slime is doing with the skill. guess it is just another thing for me to discover.

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hmmm i think the BS in slime is the boost etc. they have, base on my experience like bs in trophy, sometimes its silence,or root or slow, maybe that is same with the slimes, boost fire or boost other elements​:joy::joy::joy: well its just my opinion on this

well, it looks like a mystery I need to solve. something I can look forward to when I do some farming and craft training.

well, time to update this post.
this past week, I got 2 Legend Slimes, Aether and Rain. in the Codex, Rain is shown with having Bad Skill, while many other slimes have Boost instead. now that I have Legend slimes with both in the Codex, I now know that the Bad Skill in the Codex that is applied to the Legend Slimes is actually the Boost that is shown on the other Legend Slimes. I guess that when slimes were added to the Codex, there were a few mistakes made, and that is how the Bad Skill Secret Society was formed.
many thanks for every one who helped me with so much good information.