About arena

Hi, started playing the game couple weeks ago and really enjoy it, atleast the campaign. Am so far around floor 300 not rushing it. I was always interested in trying arena but wanted to gear up abit first.
Today I decided to give it a go, at first I was confused, then I understood most of my opponents are set on AI, which was dissapointing. Second, after getting to like rank 3 I noticed the matches are all the same, if they stun me, I cant move till I die… now this concerns wizards and warriors. How do you deal with this?? As a rogue, vs other rogues atleast its a bit interactive.

Overall Im really dissapointed in arena, every wizard and warrior game is a permastun fest

there are immunity affixes in the game (stun,blind,fear and taunt) which you can get using Ruby.
Stun immune is a must have in the arena

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Natura (haste,element, wisdom)…doesn’t works in the arena?? Help?


natures work as intended in arena. If you have 6x of the elements nature, you ca have 5% X 6= 30% elemental dmg. Same as how you can get 6x strength for 60% CRIT DMG, 6x luck/gold for 150% gold and luck find, 6x death for 15% crit chance, etc etc.

Natures work in arena and are not affected by the level of the gear so its kinda op in a way. You can get easy dodge, crit dmg, ed%,attack speed, resource cost, AR%, etc etc.

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Thank you