About Damage

I have like 643.2k-1 DMG range on my stats and I have max crit chance and max crit damage. Is doing 20m-100-200m or more sometimes 1-3B(rare) normal for a guidedshot damage? Because when I use chakram highest I did with my gears before is 14B. But most of the famous build posted here mentioned they do Billions normally in damage. Is there a cap on DMG stat? I never get passed that 600k±1 DMG range since then.

no cap, mine reaches 3m at max damge stat. Without using 100%GS

What weapon you using? So your damage in constant billions? Btw, does damage inflicted to monsters depend on their HP?

Mutiny or vacuus.
U can easily increased the damage of chacram coz of celerate and living force unlike bow you really have to work if you aim high damage.

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Is this blightbog saboteur build?

no its my own build,

Can u provide as on ur stuff plox? Kababayan:)


PM lang baka matulungan kita, haha

Paano mag pm d2? Send q nlang excel ung exact affixes q ngaun. Check mo bka may mali

Oh! how could you get so high DPS? I have 3ed and a defiant,but I have only about 23M.Could you tell me you main elemantal and your weapon?

My weapon is mutiny or vacuus hahaha