About Electrocution

Can someone send me some correct details about the Electrocution Set Affix? Cos imma little bit confused that which one has the correct descriptions about it and they have different details.

Codex Dictionary says Each Shock effect stacks on enemy has a 25% chance to be dealt 100% DMG per Rank while below 25% HP.
100% DMG per rank so a total of 500% Electrocution (5)

And on the Item’s Set affix

Each Shock effect that stacks on enemy has increased the DMG by 50% when the enemy is 25% HP BELOW.

That used to be the one case but when testing, we found that it was extremely OP. 500% damage increased at (5) but it increased per stack Debuff so 4 stack Debuff were 2000%+ increased damage which is already overpowered. I could see so many op combos , especially with Hirlings and Frozen or other kind of build. It’s not correct at all now.

The correct description is: 10% damage per rank below 25% HP.

That means 50% damage increase below 25% HP per stack Debuff. After 4 stack Debuff, the damage is increased by 200%+ which isn’t so bad and still great.

That’s 200% damage increase combined with the 50% damage from stack Debuff. Shock effect Max can help in this case for that set, especially with hirling stack Debuff if they count with the set.

Ahhh thanks for the feedback :thumbsup: planning to create another build although Crushing Flame build is now done on Rogue Bow Build hahaha.

Please feel free to suggest some Set Affix that can combine with Electrocution.

Arcanist + Ascendent + Crushing Flames :wink:

I do love that combination but im already done with my new build with Crushing Flames.

Next up is i think ill go on with Electrocution with Bleeds.

Fire+shock and Electrocution! Crushing flames and Electrocution.

Although frozen and Electrocution is also a great possibility because it can keep multiplying per explosion.

Poison cloud+ Electrocution.

Lot of combo idea.s

Can u send a pic on that combo so we can use it on farming. Tnx btw

Vampiric Touch + Electrocution can be also pretty good. I’ll try this hehehehehe.

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