About Epiphany

Guys, Can epiphany on the hireling and your main works at the same time ? Im asking cos i plan to build 4 Total epihanies (2 on Main and also on hireling.) Do they ?

You only need 1 epiphany set affix on both characters because with 4+ all sets, you get Epiphany (5) which is more than enough. 4+ all sets means 1 elixir on ring, 1 elixir on amulet for both characters (or 1 legend affix, one elixir version or 2 legend affix all sets+ per character).

Is this okay? Epiphany Loop ring on Main and on the hireling is Apex of epiphany. Will it work at the same time?

Yes. For farming affixes like luck and item drops especially will fully reach the proper 25% higher cap once Epiphany on both characters.

The other stats like dodge will be 75% per character and many other 60% cap affixes. It’s so worth it.

Okay thanks.