About frenzy's APS and MS boost

about frenzy’s APS and MS boost, is it a buff or do I need to have an existing ‘alive’ enemy to continuously have this bonus?

if it is not a buff, why not make it one?
“bleeding enemies gives a +% APS and MS buff for 6 seconds”

because going pack to pack but in between I have no consistent MS boost
also a good alternative for a movement skill like teleport, charge, blink, etc.


I think you must have alive bleeding enemies then the boost is there

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well, it is one of those things that makes Warrior different from Rogue & Wizard. also, this works well with some of Warriors Talents & Skills, not to mention Momentum is a Warrior Set that works best with Warriors, and ok with Rogue & Wizard Builds that add extra Movement to their Items.

Moment Set increases DMG +10% per Rank of your bonus Movement speed.